Highlights Of Classified Dustbin Mould

  • SHINE MOULD manufactures advanced sorting dustbin moulds, which have been delivered for 32L, 45L, 60L, 80L, 120L, 240L and other sorting dustbin moulds. With a professional team of experienced mold and part designers with an average experience of more than 15 years, advanced Dustbin Mould have complete manufacturing standards, which can help customers improve the production efficiency of waste bins.

    Highlights of sorting dustbin moulds:

    1. Higher production capacity-shorter cycle

    The cycle time can be shortened through the optimal mold cooling design and the CAE analysis of the molding temperature.

    1. High output-stable injection molding

    Excellent design and manufacture of hot runner system to ensure stable classification of waste bin molding.

    1. High-quality trash can-high-quality mold with longer service life

    Reasonable mold structure design, precise mold parts, and accurate mold assembly.

    1. Durable sorting trash bin-perfect mold design

    Excellent mold design, can withstand strong injection molding, maintain a balanced injection molding, suitable for low plastic molding. This helps to produce strong, impact-resistant and aging-resistant trash cans.

    SHINE MOULD has delivered many plastic trash can moulds and Crate Mould to companies all over the world. They have been appreciated by many customers for their excellent mould design, stable operation and higher production capacity.