Different Types Of Bucket Mould

  • TAIZHOU HUANGYAN SHINE MOULD CO., LTD. is a professional paint Bucket Mould company. We specialize in manufacturing various paint bucket molds, round paint bucket molds, square paint bucket molds, with capacities ranging from 1L, 3.6L...18L, 20L... The following are the specifications of our 18L paint bucket and lid molds for your reference.

    1. Mold core and cavity material: Din1.2344 (H13) with HRC42-44.
    2. The copper-beryllium on the top core and the edge of the cavity can bring the best cooling effect for high-speed injection.
    3. Mold base material: P20 made in China. We can manufacture the mold base by ourselves and use the standard mold base.
    4. The hot runner comes with a mold temperature controller, the hot runner system can save materials and reduce cycle time.
    5. Install the inductive proximity switch into the mold to accurately control the ejection process
    6. Hasco standard cooling Z801/19 quick couplings and jaws.
    7. The barrel mold has a 360-core ventilation system.
    8. The mold in the barrel has an in-mold labeling system.

    Our paint buckets have a uniform wall thickness, and there is no problem with leak test, stacking test, and drop test. If you are interested in the paint bucket and Drawer Mould, please send me your drawings or 3D design drawings, and then we will provide you with accurate prices and detailed mold specifications.