Quality Points Of Making Stool Mould

  • To make a good Stool Mould, you need to understand the technical points and quality points of the stool mold, as described below.

    How to make the stool mold run for a long time?

    1. Use the correct steel for the mold base and main steel of the mold, and select high toughness for certain part inserts. For example, if we need to make a 2-cavity stool mold, then we need to use pre-hardened steel as the mold base. We must choose the right steel for durable mold parts.
    2. Choose the correct quenching treatment for the core, cavity, slider, and insert and control the hardness of the steel. Usually, we cannot make the steel too hard. Sometimes, high hardness is not easy to benefit the mold, because it is easy to break.
    3. The guide system and moving area of ​​the mold must use precise processing. Hand-made is unacceptable, otherwise, the guiding system and moving area will have problems in operation.
    4. The hot runner system is very important for the mold. Therefore, we will manufacture mold flow analysis software for hot runner system molds. To balance the plastic filling, we need a very special hot runner system, because if you need to mold durable plastic crates, you should use a low melt flow index.

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