Drawer Mould Design Standards

  • Drawer Mould has a life of more than one million times, and it is a long-term production of precision molds. Its design requirements are as follows:

    (1) Detailed molding design drawings are required.

    (2) The hardness of the mold blank material is at least 280BN (HRC 30, DME#2 steel/4140 steel).

    (3) The front and back mold cores must at least reach the hardness range of HRC48-50. All other accessories, such as sliders, sloped roofs, briquettes, etc., should use hardened tool steel.

    (4) The ejection mechanism should have an intermediate support direction.

    (5) The inclined surface and the bottom surface of the slider must be equipped with wear plates.

    (6) The temperature control system should be installed on the front mold, back mold, slider or other places where the mold needs to be installed.

    (7) During the service life of the mold, due to the corrosion of the cooling water pipe, the quality of the product decreases and the injection cycle increases. It is recommended to use inserts or templates to galvanize the cooling water.

    (8) Like Bucket Mould, these molds are equipped with zero-degree side locks.