How To Reduce The Production Cost Of Bucket Mould

  • In order to improve mold life and product quality, it is important to maintain Bucket Mould maintenance. We should check to make sure that the water channel and air circuit are unlocked. Lubricate the muffler and clean the scraper and center ejector regularly.

    The design of the cooling system is a relatively cumbersome task, that is, the uniformity and cooling effect of the cooling must be considered, and the entire mold structure must also be affected. The exact position and size of the cooling system must be determined; and the cooling of key locations, such as Movable plates or inserts, side slides, and side cores; standard cooling element design and selection of cooling standard components. Plastic molds will analyze all a series of factors at the beginning of mold design. Each part of the mold has circulating water flow, which reduces cooling time, improves production efficiency, and greatly reduces production costs.

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