Simplify Flower Pot Mould Design

  • One of the most common reasons for using plastic in tools may be to reduce the manufacturing cost of plastic Flower Pot Mould. The following suggestions can often help minimize costs:

    Simplify flowerpot mold design. The mold design consisting of text descriptions and sketches and part printing eliminates the need for complex, full-size drawings, and maybe the first step in reducing costs. For example, drill tools made of glass-reinforced plastic laminates and used to drill holes informed sheet metal parts are usually made of sample parts that are drilled in the correct position. The direction of the use of such tools may include freehand sketches or markings on the part itself, accompanied by written instructions to indicate the thickness of the laminate and the size and type of drill sleeve required.

    Use existing models or parts. Since plastic is essentially a copy material, there must always be a shape, except in special circumstances (such as lofting template structures). Use an existing shape (such as a model or prototype part) whenever possible, and then copy that shape in plastic.

    When master models have to be made, use the easiest way to replicate (usually convex) and build them to the metal surface that needs to minimize the thickness of the part. Use plane bounce. Plane runout is the easiest to construct and should be used whenever possible.

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