Bucket Mould Maintenance Recommendations

  • When using Bucket Mould during production, it must be kept at normal temperature and not too cold or too hot. Working at room temperature can extend the service life of the mold.

    All guide pins and guide sleeves, reset pins, sliders, etc. of the mold must be checked regularly, and regular oiling and maintenance

    Regularly clean the parting surface of the mold and foreign objects, glue, oil, etc. in the exhaust groove, regularly check the waterway of the mold and tighten all screws.

    Do not use hand tools when cleaning the mold to prevent scratches.

    In the production process, carefully check the working status of each control component, and strictly prevent abnormalities in the auxiliary system. If you hear abnormal sounds from the mold or other abnormal conditions, you should immediately stop the machine for inspection.

    When handing over workers, make detailed production records and Stool Mould usage.