How To Make Drawer Mould

  • Your Drawer Mould design will be very different according to the specifications, requirements and uses of the final product. Ensuring that the right end product can be created is what makes this part of the process so important. Any errors in your injection mold design will appear in all of your final products, so this stage is critical to getting it right.

    This is why many projects start with prototypes. It gives you the opportunity to try molds to ensure that all products meet specifications and test designs.

    You can have a prototype designed for testing. It can be made of a different material from the final product because its purpose is to test the final version of the product. If you want to try several variations, you can make these differences in a set of prototypes. Of course, if the assembly requires multiple parts, you can also build a set of prototypes so that you can try before producing multiple versions. However, you need to know which Bucket Mould design and manufacturing will work first.