Technical Points Of Stool Mould

  • Stool Mould is our product, what are its technical points?

    One: Chair mold production cycle: about 45-50 seconds.

    Two: the gate method used: hot runner large gate turning side gate.

    Three: Use steel material and hardness: If the requirement is not very high, recommend P20, steel material hardness HRC33. For customers with high requirements, imported DIN 2738 and steel hardness HRC35-38 can be selected.

    In addition, the Bucket Mould is also our product. The first thing to do with the plastic barrel is to solve the problem of product eccentricity. The eccentric problem will directly lead to uneven injection molding and uneven cooling. In this way, the barrel cannot be produced for a long time, and there is no way to repair it later.

    The second is the cycle cycle of mold production. Generally, the cycle cycle of 20L barrels on the market is about 40s. If you want to increase efficiency, you have to reduce the cycle time, save labor costs, electricity costs, and time costs.