How To Design A Stool Mold

  • We produce Stool Moulds. The structural design principles of stool molds are introduced below.

    ① Clear. The mold structure principle is clear, the part functions are clear, and there is no omission or duplication. The design requirements of each part are standardized and optimized (the design basis should be unified, the nominal size requires an integer, and it cannot be designed arbitrarily)

    ②Simple. The structure is simple and reliable, easy to process and assemble, and the advantage of simplicity is that the cost is directly reduced. For example: the geometric shape of the parts should be simple, minimize the machining surface and processing times of the parts, reduce or simplify the assembly relationship with related parts and adjustment measures (the related parts must not interfere)

    ③Safe and reliable. The mold has sufficient strength and rigidity, and the continuous operation of the mold will not cause problems, which is convenient for mold maintenance. The product ejection and demoulding mechanism is safe and reliable.

    ④The product has high molding efficiency and good quality. Such as: high cooling rate, short molding cycle, and pressure balance in the pouring system. After the designed mold is formed, the runner and gate are easy to remove.

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