Current Progress and Your Very First Run of Daemonheim Floors.

  • Two base XP figures are calculated, one based on the floor and one based on RuneScape gold prestige; these are subsequently averaged to come up with a last foundation XP value to which modifiers such as bonus rooms and problem are applied. Since the amounts are averaged, you get more XP for performing deeper levels, but only if you do them while keeping prestige high as well.

    The prestige figure used for calculating XP is that the greater of your current progress or your prior progress (which I will explain in a minute ). However, you only get this progress figure if you do a floor you haven't done previously in your current run of flooring. If you replicate a floor, the game uses a prestige figure of zero, greatly reducing your XP!

    Current Progress and Your Very First Run of Daemonheim Floors. When you begin training Dungeoneering for your first time, you've clearly not finished any of the flooring. The moment you finish floor level 1, the game will place your present improvement to 1. This usually means that you have completed 1 floor without repeating it. If you do floor 1 , your present progress stays at 1, but when you complete floor two, your current advancement will change to 2. The advancement figures can be seen in the ring of kinship interface.

    Since you have to have a specific Dungeoneering skill level for to each floor, you will eventually reach a place at which you cannot access to some other floor you have not done before. For instance, you have to have level 9 in the skill to go to ground 5, but it may be that after doing floors 1 through 4 you do not have the necessary XP. As a consequence, you may no longer boost your current advancement; it'll stay at 4 till you are able to reach floor 5.

    The XP which you are allowed for finishing floor 4 the very first time will be calculated using floor number 4 (obviously ), along with a prestige figure of buy RS gold 4 too. But should you repeat floor 4, the second time you do it, the game will probably utilize a prestige figure of zero, and you'll become much less XP.