Saradomin - Has two strike per bar (50% drain).

  • To briefly sum it up, wait till the Item Lending system comes out, and borrow a Godsword from OSRS gold among your friends for a few days. As for the hilts, I've the Bandos hilt, and I am very pleased with that. Take your highest hit, and include 25 percent to it. Of course, it is all random, so don't anticipate nailing 60s every time you use it. Bandos - Has one attack per pub (100% drain), and has the potential to reach hard, in addition to lowering the opponent's defence level by the sum it strikes. The best option for hunting trips. You figure out how to hit a 50 with this to a GWD boss, and it is already dead.

    Saradomin - Has two strike per bar (50% drain). You already know what it does, and I'll tell you what other things can get it done too: The Bones to Peaches tabs or spell, historical Blood charms, Bunyip, Fruit Bat, Guthan's. Zamorak - Drains 60 percent of the pub when employed. Nothing that the Ice Barrage spell can not do, and just like it, it sometimes freezes you for half of the time, and sometimes for about another. Used to be the cheapest and most unworthy hilt, but then people started ranging Zilyana (Saradomin's down the GWD) and recognized it is a lot more comfortable than historical magicks. Ok so I am becoming a member (Ultimately ) but, I don't exactly know what to wear. I do have 17 mil to spend because I mostly got mems for battle training. I will be coaching through slayer so that I'll use all 3 kinds of combat.

    I'd get Dragon legs if you're rich enough, Rune legs are a fantastic substitute. Bone C'bow is fine, it does not have that great of accuracy and is pretty robust but I would stick to mage short for critters other than drags OR aim range to get a Rune C'bow! Fury amulet: 2.9M-3.2M. Bonuses: +10 to all attack bonuses, +15 to all defensive bonuses. Glory amulet: 36k-39.8k. Bonuses: +10 in most assault bonuses, +5 in most defensive bonuses, +teleports(dont remember the exact amount but im gont figure 1-100) IMO Glory amulet with teleports exactly the same attack bonuses as fury I'd stick with it if you are not really wealthy, if you are wealthy and want something pleasant go for a fury. I dont believe furys are worth it but you know its good for extra defence. You should be able to finish that, just bring two or 1 prayer potions and examine guides to see what type of stock you should use, in fact here is a manual from sals that tells you exactly what you should bring.Yes you can slay the dragon, but do deliver strength potion (4) and teleport runes.... Strength potion will allow you to reach 15s I believe! Have fun slaying Elvarg, also just for reinforcement my stats were: Attack:42, Strength:40 (but power potion brought it to 46/47), Defence:40 I attracted full stock of lobsters and I wielded rune scimmy and complete adamant... See it can be carried out. Now, I only came from sal's skill calculators. And I looked up just how much of each ore I want for 85 mining. I'm 82 in the moment. Now here are the options which I believe are best. What do think? I really need help creating the best decision with this one.

    Hello, I found this article on the web I am not sure whether it's accurate and the men in al kharid didn't fall any thing. But I saw a player long back when I was a newbie and asked her what kind of armour she had on and she said"satan oracle." Some 1 help me! I discovered this on the web read it. You need to get a fantastic weapon, addy or better is suggested. Next, visit Al-Kharid and kill 10 guys. The final one needs to drop a reddish clue scroll. Nowadays you have to read it. It is in a code, but here's the broken code: Go to the graveyard of cheap RS gold those cursed souls, to seek what shouldn't be found.