I've been a paid member on another, old account years back.

  • Most infuriatingly was the arrogant choice to change the appearance of RuneScape gold every Armour set in game. It is beyond me why they did so. Before, neat and sweet. We touted this as the best update to ever occur to the match, yet for some reason we've lost a portion of our player base... I wonder why. I mean, who wouldn't need to play a battle mechanic which copies World of Warcraft and the bajillion other tab-target ability bar MMO's? Right now it's pay to play, but shortly you need to ensure it is receptive to free players, history repeating itself with how RuneScape began out. Quit pandering to the newer players who only need the return of gaming. Concentrate on fixing robots and weaseling the content back - the match is DYING yet it is your last hope. I think I should point out this:'We will never implement a lottery.' Not only did you not keep to your sentence, but you've got the audacity to deny that the Wheel of Fortune is a gaming mechanism wherein you are able to pay real life cash to attain in-game rewards. No, I would not recommend this business to some friend -- I'm not optimistic about the outlook for the provider.

    I've been a paid member on another, old account years back. It had been fun and provided a lot more content. 2, I have made SO much money by collecting/selling heaps of drops and from large alching/flipping products. I am considering becoming a paid member again soon for one main reason: I am now fighting Ankhous every day; although they have great drops, I am hoping that maybe in P2P I could find better, harder creatures to struggle with even superior drops (do higher level monsters have higher magic ability points provided when killing them) .

    My question: If I combine P2P, what/where are these high level creatures and is it worth linking at this point? I will eventually join P2P at some stage again, but am just wondering when joining at level 90 would help speed up my Mage skilling. Thanks. How much cash have you made by combating ankous? If you have around 10m it is possible to buy a bond that gives 14 days of membership. Finding that 10m back in member's worlds is simpler than in F2P, but still of course requires some work.

    If you become a part I would recommend quickly rushing quests that give enormous exp boosts/good rewards. You can look on the RS wikia to determine which quests provide the highest exp promotes. I would do those so you are mechanically closer to higher-tier firearms. As for different creatures to battle, yeah there are plenty. Many quests provide added monsters to fight that may have more profitable drops. Bosses will allow you to buy RS gold earn more money as well.