Karamja generally could use an upgrade.

  • Karamja generally could use an upgrade. South of OSRS gold Brimhaven it resembles a big square, not quite realistic looking. Over the Summer, I had to see a book set in England during the middle ages (approximately 1150). To get from city to town, the figures needed to walk . The majority of the time was spent walking through lawless woods, where there was constant danger of attacks from bandits, outlaws, and so forth.

    The publication is fictitious, but I believe it's largely accurate with respect to land between major towns. The only places in Runescape where this atmosphere is present are the Wilderness and the Kharidian desert. Both are big, relatively dangerous (especially to an unexperienced traveller ), rather than packed to the gills with content.

    To start with, I believe the lodestone network ought to be taken off. It kills any sense of experience even for new players who only have to walk to a specific place once. Second, clan camp ought to be shrunk to perhaps a quarter of its existing size. It removed a substantial (in size) forest and caused the Falador-Rimmington-Port Sarim area to become unrealistically joined together.

    Last, I think there ought to be some added dangers to the"wilderness" involving cities. This could be outlaws coming out to strike youpersonally, natural events, and so forth. Jagex tried to create it by introducing level 5 highwaymen, but they're insignificant to players over level 10 and don't pose any threats to individuals who are smart enough to run. These dangers would correspond to your skill level and would be common at higher levels. They would come from nowhere and fight only you, very similar to older arbitrary events. This would probably help prevent botting too. I'd advocate the enlarging of the map also, but that could be quite hard.

    Eastern lands are intriguing, and I think they've got lots of potential, but until we go searching for them I think I would rather see Menaphos and Prifidinas. Additionally, keeping them ridiculously cryptic is really exceptionally helpful when they would like to retcon items in. They are trendy, but unecessary right now, unless Jagex really wants to draw in an oriental playerbase. Were they to be published, I'd love some tie ins with Player possessed Ports, Majharrat, and possibly even another race altogether. . .but not Pandas like in WOW.

    Speaking of this entire world map, I really like what they just did at the latest update filling in the edges. There is still room for developement but eliminating those nasty lines at the edges actually made them look like much more well-rounded areas that make more sense. Next step, getting rid of a few of the fences (I have not been around Al Kharid yet but I like the appearance of buy RS gold the map ) and specifically the starter zone could be good, then shrinking Draynor Manor so it moves with the rest of Scale Theory would make the map better.