2K NEEDS to get rid of MyCareer nicknames

  • I am really leaning towards not at all. I'd probably them add a option of nicknames but maybe not at all is fine by me. I believe they can't do that with the total amount of voice acting. If that's true, I'd prefer the story that was plenty of NBA 2K21 MT Coins fun and allows space. I recall that! Decisions that ACTUALLY MATTER.

    They would still need to record every man who mentions your participant's name stating every secondary nickname. If they can pull it off would definitely be a wonderful touch! Name a game which includes every casted A-list Hollywood voice actor record each of those 100+ available nicknames and then place edits every one into different cut scenes to load based on what you've chosen.I'm curious. Applying one makes it to be natural and smooth.

    2K leaning hard into creating MyCareer a true RPG experience, which is something I like (I'm also an enthusiastic participant of DnD, so this is kinda my market ). That having been said, they should seperate MyCareer and Park the people that want to play aggressive can do so with no unneeded cutscenes, and folks like me who like a narrative based mode that's heavy on the story (I love Metal Gear btw) can enjoy that experience too. I would like an RPG expirience when the narrative wasn't basic and overly debilitating to make it through, while this is unpopular I almost wish they didn't have voice acting just so that they might have dialouge and make it even more customizeable.

    I agree with you 100 percent (especially when it comes to 2K16/18/19), but I feel the criticism for this years narrative is somewhat unfair. I liked it I only wish there was more to it. I really feel like I've tapped out all the cutscenes in roughly 30 games, because of that, and I haven't actually touched MyCareer within a couple of months.

    Also, just eliminate almost all the cut scenes. The quantity of development time which goes into thing that virtually nobody wants to sit through is such a waste that could enter different pieces of NBA 2K21. I enjoyed it. It gave an extra part of immersion into the life span of an aspiring NBA player in the NBA simulator sport. Albeit annoying to replay every time you make a brand new player, it can at least be jumped. I believe it to have brought extra value to the $60 game that is differently rinse and repeat sports drama, also supplied me with hours of amusement that I might have instead spent $100+ for in the movies, golf course, bar, etc.. Like they would have invested that time incorporating something else like, a new 18, it's not.NBA 2K21 Suggestion- MyLeague Revamp

    The MyLeague part of NBA 2K21 has gotten very stale and in need of Cheap 2K21 MT a complete revamp to bring it up to standard. The actual contents have changed ever since 2K16 or earlier besides two or one features being removed/added which aren't really important. Personally, I think we need a far more realistic sim engine since I often see great teams not even make the playoffs or shed in the first round to the seed 4-0. This make it more engaging to determine your teams that are good be rewarded and would add realism.