When 2K Games' NBA 2K21 launches later this year

  • PC players are in to get a raw deal when 2K Games' NBA 2K21 starts later this season. While PlayStation 5 and NBA MT Coins Xbox Series X gamers will profit from the next gen version of the game, PC players will have to content themselves with the current-gen variant landing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. Yeah we are but I think a lot people will jump to the next gen consoles to take a look and play with 2k there.

    Pc participant here:If I pay to play 2K21 may wait for 2k22. So I stick with 20, the game is going to be the same in PC. I can't see why 2K would create the same shitty decision they did with 2k14 in PC. Same ship, I don't play online so I just care about the updated rosters and non user-friendly rookies. Is jump in on next gen on opening fall. Did that for xbone if it dropped and it so wasn't worth. That's since xbone doesn't actually have a massive 1st party game catalog, where PS4 includes a ton of highly regarded exclusives. It all depends on what you're into.

    I pretty much get consoles for sports games. They attracted madden into the computer so really, the optimal set up for advantage of gambling is PC/Playstation/Switch. Xbox only has nothing anymore besides a good controller. I think most PC gamers switching to next-gen aren't just in it for its next-gen game, they are also preventing the cheating problem that exist every year because 2K15. It won't be solved by waiting for 2K22 to them. It just happens that this is the ideal time to change because of console release +"exclusive" new-gen 2k.

    I don't know how often I have heard of folks I know saying they will switch to consoles only to see them buy the PC version on launch day. Cheat table is like crack cocaine for noobs. Not most of us cheat though. It's a moot point for debate. Everyone say that this cheaters included. Well to be clear I'll still buy 2k21 on PC on launching for certain, and we will see just how different the games are in time, I really could see next gen 2k having massive launching issuesHonestly having noticed how 2k managed the 2k14 transition, so I'd say absolutely do not purchase 2k21 on PC, unless you're insistent on playing MyTeam or Park. It's likely to have no effort install.

    Just slap on a couple mods for 2k20. There's a 2020 draft course made with actual faces and a 2021 one in progress. Increased lighting, 8k flooring and jersey textures, corrected participant models for every player, I could go on. Do you know why they do it this way? Can they have deals with Microsoft/Sony or Cheap NBA 2K Coins something?It's definitely all about playground for me and at least I can learn the mechanisms, all I care about. If it is like 2k14 then the current gen version vs next gen will be an entirely different game especially gameplay wise. Even the way players dribbled and made contact with every other felt different.