idk what to say.

  • There are just a few things you can do in life to eat more of these planets resources than producing another life. But I'm not going to tell you to not have kids, I'm not going to sit here and OSRS gold tell you your family responsibilities do not matter just as far as me playing my video game, since I choose not to push my values because inherently of more value than yours, and I ask folks making this argument to do the same.

    All of the folks saying that nobody should care what happens from Runescape, that integrity does not matter, etc are people that are probably participate in these activities, and aren't good at all to the durability of this game. "Who cares if there's 100 bots at every location, its only a game""Who cares if abilities got shifted to 2m xp each hour, it is Only a game""Who cares if jagex cares about Runescape and didn't run it into the ground, it's Only a game"

    I really don't get these folks. "I am going to willingly play with this game that I am aware is all about grinding, however think of how I do not have enough time to perform the grinding I understand exists in Runescape I am deciding to play. No, I will not stop and find a match that better matches the lifestyle I have and also the hours I am in a position to perform, I'm going to make sure Jagex caters to me"

    It's honestly too simple, and people get away with these"offenses" with no repercussion. Jagex should improve their detection and prevention, that is the only real solution.

    Vote with your wallet, I have stopped playing runescape about two years ago today because I didn't want to invest all my time to a game where somebody else can either steal all my progress or accomplish those same achievements via botting or paying somebody else. I remember several years back of a thread on the official rs forums about the way RS3 should have week-long dbx weekends because not everyone can have days off on the weekend. The people would pay someone to play their account. Then they eventually got their wish in RS3.

    Probably because spending 3,000 hours or 4 weeks of IRL time getting maxed stats at a video game is not a life priority for them. Nobody can utilize 24 hours in a day. It would be 6 months and 2 weeks of nothing but OSRS if you were to perform. If you work a full time occupation with a 45 minute commute each way (wake up at 7:30 get house at 5:45) and perform for 4 hours a day that is 750 times (or 25 months) of spending your evenings almost exclusively on runescape.

    And averaging playtime is tough, any day you miss means check. Maxing isn't even attractive with just how much work it requires. I've watched mudkip on YouTube begin an ironman a month or cheap RS gold two before me and max in about a year, he is since started an eventual ironman that's heading towards max while I am still at the midgame. He's playing the exact same content for the 3rd time, making the tired jokes and commentary and it simply looks like a massive waste of time. I see his videos occasionally because I used to really enjoy them but now it just looks sad.