PLEASE fix these things for future versions

  • What the detractors do not understand is that the criticism needing to view it properly represented in a video game and is hauled out of 2K21 MT a profound love and respect for the NBA.

    Now NBA 2K21 is lifeless, I compiled a list of all the issues I'd expect the devs would look at and possibly execute in time to get my potential return with 2K22 since, in its present incarnation, there's absolutely no way that I am going to be anywhere close to 2K21. I said the same thing in the conclusion of 2K19, however, when NBA 2K21 went on sale in FebruaryI acquiesced and bought as friends in this thread had been praising the Evo, Ranking Lock and Offline Content additional this season. Right after purchasing, the Glitched and Out Of Ranking cards stored falling and we all found the site 2K published in the onset was a veiled lie and we were all duped. Here are the issues in no particular order.

    Such a relatively easy fix. There are 75 badges in complete and they are static. Have them and stay with it. If I am comparing GOAT LeBron James into Prime LeBron James, I ought to be able to look at them side by side and easily discern what you're missing from Prime that are inserted to GOAT. But this is not the case. The badges look depending upon the card making it extremely difficult to compare. This is a 1/10 with regard to how easy it's to mend makes an impact of 7/10 to wellbeing.

    On June 25th, players seeking to lock to Zion Williamson, one of the most rookies in years, had to pay MT for the card. The cards for the first set were still holding value (albeit roughly half of the initial two million purchase cost ) so people were still paying an exorbitant sum for Zion the afternoon until he had been accessible for 6k. And since Zion was a lock-in reward, a great deal of folks were left with a 1.5 mil tab (on average) for a card they would never use again after just 5 weeks. It was disrespectful to the consumers and forethought ought to be resolved in how 2K spaces out its own content.

    In a similar fashion, after having no opals since they became widespread in March, Damian Lillard got one on July 10th and then a better one on July 31st. The cost can be minute compared to Zion however, the principle is exactly the same. Nobody wants to invest in a card and watch its value tank. By the moment the attention shifted to 2K21, the very long load times in between matches, to return to the menu proved very noticeable from roughly late July. It's obvious that 2K recommissioned 2K20 servers to 2K21. This shouldn't occur until the participant base has gone into 2K21 and should be ratioed accordingly.

    As an aside to that, the disconnects from MyTeam were not as bad this year, but still more than okay for a multi-million dollar business like 2K. I am not sure the legal ramifications of why this is not so, but there are several times people record video and post out of Cheap NBA 2K21 MT context. There are multiple instances of abuse from the competition and since when recording gameplay that the competitor's audio is not recorded there is no evidence to report to 2K or even Sony/Microsoft. This could go a very long way to cleaning the toxicity up as only knowing the option exists to be listed and reported will serve as a hindrance to the profanity and slurs that are prevalent in the online part of NBA 2K21.