Passing lane steals are the factor that ruins players' experien

  • Make as driving contact dunks, standing dip as strong as man contact dunks and driving dunk as powerful. Increase the rating for man contact dunks from 75 to 85 and NBA 2K21 MT Coins stop letting every huge man build them. Since almost all facilities may get it man contact dunks mean next to nothing. A red center shouldn't have 99 standing dunk. A shooting glock shouldn't find large man contact dunks. There should be a offensive gap between facilities that are defensive and offensive. Get rid of the knee cap blocks and losing the ball. Repair putbacks. Fix pins. Just redo the inside from scratch.

    Passing lane steals are the factor that ruins players' experience. One of the problems is the fact that you spam while staying in the exact same spot, steal. Lane steals that are passing should be a gamble. Pressing steal at the wrong time should take you out of position just like pressing block. A sneak attempt should result in an open person. For non defensive builds to get death lane steals Additionally, it is too simple.I feel screens will need to be worked with. I shouldn't be hauled into displays and possess an elite get two feet of separation. In addition, I believe that they should make shooting harder as builds with 75 3pt should not have the capacity to shoot 7 for 7 from deep even when they mastered their jumper. Shooting just has to become more even. If u have a 3pt score you should have the ability to green but nobody should legit be shooting 60% or higher when no at the league can even shoot that high of a percent.

    A lot of great points here. I agree non shooting builds should fight, makes NBA 2K21 far more balanced. In terms of screens, I made a post similar to this one in case you're looking for a different guide, on the way to navigate them. Thank you for the response! I only need a basketball game that is. I can't stand playing with rec bc the passing in NBA 2K21 is awful. The passing lanes would be to easy to sit down and every pass is slow. For spamming steal on moves, In addition to that gamers ought to be penalized. There ought to be off something or balance instead of being able to steal any pass that's within 10ft of them. I'm simply sick of playing NBA 2K21 because it frustrates me, as its super basketball is played.

    Two things I wished to say. To begin with, I saw you use Burke and silver, if 38 lately got a shift but have you got some idea? Or have some friends using 38 who noticed that a change? I know that it's basically a fantasy that 2K"patches" jumpers, but I vow my own cue altered now. In addition, I use Rudy Gay launch, so that could be what was changed also. I was fighting and began shooting later in the movement and greened automatically. The cue went when it had been at the rear of the head out of as the ball got to the very top of my mind to almost. You look to be an expert thought I'd ask.

    Second, for enjoying the corner, thanks men out there. I have got over 2300 matches played on Buy NBA 2K21 MT a glass lock making a living off being at the corner. I really do try to move around a bit, maybe switch sides or move back and forth between corner and wing. My main role though is rebounds and shield and I love it. I will happily get boards and block shots, so long as I'm not ignored on crime. I'll be fine with that if I can put up 2 threes a game. I found it particularly funny when I got shit on for sitting at the corner with an inner drive who spammed post hooks.