I believe they are inclined

  • No I'm not trying to RuneScape gold directly compare the time investments of these. Remember when we were told gwd3 could come summer 2020, then summertime 2020 comes along with jagex is like"oh we've just began development on gwd3" that is a problem.

    Time and time again we're told x upgrade will be coming at y time, and more frequently than not we are left in the dark concerning the progress and items get delayed more frequently than released on-time. In case jagex is gonna provide a timeframe for an update the least they can do is keep us updated on the improvement and not only leave us in the dark until the final minute.

    When the quantity of updates started to drop Jagex began doing updates to produce things like jar quest creation much easier asserting it'd let them release more quests again.

    This old chestnut mare was ridden into the floor. Yes OSRS requires less to develop, but that's not and never has been a justification. Just not trying is just a case of laziness whatever the source. They just announced a new building method in the style of size of Safecracking in today's Q&A Livestream. I believe they also told us they're outsourcing and hiring a lot of devs. Some are beginning as soon as next week, even if MTX really matters then it's a good cause for more hiring.

    Much like the upcoming storage update OSRS is getting to POHs

    No point in having a bigger team if you can not get shit from the door. Dude it is such fun content also, I've done like 50 in my ironman and actually enjoyed it. Im half sure they had a bunch of it devved before survey. Which honestly is rather debatable. I wish they'd do the vast majority of the work following the poll so they don't waste any job. Warding vietnam flashbacks hanging in.

    Mahogany Homes was created in a closed environment by one Jmod, once it passed on the surveys a team went to really work on implementing it. If you have a look in Mahogany Homes it is really not a hell of a lot of work behind it, just requiring a couple of new versions, apart from that it's reusing assets they have had for awhile. Oh it was among the ones made on one of the free time idea days.

    I believe they are inclined to work on things early if it's very likely to pass a poll or whenever they can use the assets elsewhere. In this case it was directly according to a popular suggestion from 6 weeks ago so that they could suppose cheap OSRS goldwould be well received. So they need to do a significant amount of the work before bringing it to the poll.