New World: Differentiating Amazon MMO from other games

  • At first glance, Amazon's new world seems to be any typical fantasy MMO on the market. However, with the budget of one of the largest entities in the world, anyone who has heard of the new world for the first time may expect some surprises. Fortunately, Amazon's new world does have some new concepts in the game-whether it isthemes or mechanics.

    Players who want to experience a new experience of an alternative historical MMO will appreciate the new world and its core visual effects. Unlike other fantasy MMOs, the "historical" aspect of the "New World" provides a unique style not seen in other MMOs for the premise of exploring the era. In addition, maximizing the graphics options will enable the new world to show quite an amazing aesthetic, combining deep historical realism and high fantasy.

    In addition to the core experience, New World also provides a variety of game modes for players to enjoy. Interestingly, given their core mechanics, these game modes motivate the PVP and PVE components of the MMO in different ways. Given the open world premise of the new world, it may be difficult for players to determine the true "focus" of the game. This is where New World distinguishes itself from other open world MMOs such as Albion Online or RuneScape. In the new world, players can buy RPG New World Coins to operate in a territory-controlled environment.

    If they want, players can approach the new world from the perspective of a standard MMO: exploring new locations, killing creatures, and making new things. Players who participate in the social elements of the game will also get incentives for a new perspective on the New World Coins .