Madden 22 has high expectations for the franchise model

  • Madden 22 is about to release a release date in the next few months, and expectations for how EA Sports will solve the franchise model this year are higher than ever. With the first trailer in the book and the announcement season finally starting, people have high expectations for "Madden 22", and the franchise model will eventually be #FixMaddenFranchise.

    #FixMaddenFranchise Sports is one of the most powerful sports in the game, which can be proved by the fact that EA Sports actually listens and is willing to respond. EA Sports not only acknowledged the sport, but actually responded to the strong protests from fans and expressed its commitment to improving the franchise model. If players pass MUT Coins, they can get a better gaming experience.

    Madden 21 has upgraded the trading logic and added league history after its release, but this is far from enough to really change the fan's view of the franchise model. More and more fans are willing to buy copies of old Madden and NCAA football video games in order to enjoy the old franchise model and the like. This may be the final blow for Madden 22 to win some fans back to the current part of the series.

    So far, you can technically customize your team in Madden 21 Franchise Mode, but it can only be achieved by Buy Madden 22 Coins. Even if you successfully migrate your team, you can only choose from pre-determined cities, team names and logos. The only truly customizable options are uniforms and stadiums.