The new expansion of Path of Exile has encountered some problem

  • After the release of the Path of Exile Ultimatum, server problems appeared. Just like many other popular games with online servers, it was difficult for players to log in to Path of Exile on the second day of the release of the Ultimatum extension. Anyone who tries to play the game after the game is released will have the opportunity to line up to enter. At the speed of emptying, it will take at least two hours for everyone to participate in the game," Wilson said on Reddit.

    Wilson believes that this problem is related to the migration of the old role to the new version. "This is a process that should run all week. Due to human error, the process did not run, so the queue was unbearably slow to empty," he said. The people waiting in line were already frustrated, but they became even more frustrated when they realized that the streamers had cut the line and logged directly into the new extension. An article that has been liked 13,000 times on the Path of Exile subreddit said: "The GGG that made the ribbon skip the ribbon is messed up." Another comment said: "The biggest problem with this is that the GGG just made 100 people The game becomes a successful twitcher,".

    Wilson believes that streamers are a priority because GGG pays them to advertise. He said: "We have arranged two hours of streaming media payment, and we have encountered a login queue that takes two hours to clear." "This can almost make you burn a lot of money." Wilson admitted, It's not that they make every POE Currency paid to jump in the queue. He said: "We also allow other streamers who are not participating in the campaign to skip the queue to prevent them from shrinking." "The decision to allow any streamer to bypass the queue is obviously wrong."

    Wilson apologized for the server problem and skipping the previous ribbon. He said: "This position is not intended to convince you that you are satisfied with these results." "We just want to provide you with some insights about what happened." Buy POE Currency in the path of exile is the key to making you more smooth.