Same as previously

  • I think, to begin with, you need to construct a throne room, and build a floor in the middle of it and build an oubliette room under it. In addition, you will need to RuneScape gold build a trap door in there. Following that, there are two other ways of getting into it: A significant cave entrance that you build in a garden/fancy garden. A flight of stairs at a room.

    After building one of these two you have the choice to construct a room below, and there must only be one option for that. After you build those room(s), you are able to build normally in construction mode, building treasure rooms, dungeon corridors and junctions, or some other room from above that you wish to get down below too.

    Furthermore, if you haven't already, performing the Love Story quest unlocks a new kind of dungeon room which adds a whole multitude of new dungeon guards which you can add down there, like scarabites, black demons, iron dragons etc., and nearly all of these new creatures are less costly than the original trolls, hellhounds and metal dragons etc..

    Lardar pretty much summed up the top methods, but to make a correct plan we'd need to understand exactly what level you're. Oh, and good luck! It depends exactly how you want to do it, I personally despise runecrafting and do not require the money, so I slay always at the moment for Cheap RS gold effigies to utilize on runecrafting, in addition to assisting people with their RC effigies, (91 onwards, so I'd recommend this as it's a totally free 30k rc XP a day) I'd use the penguins as well for a fast boost once a week, as that accumulates well to a top XP count in as long