So I want a dscimmy

  • Msb ruined rune cbow at higher range levels. However, as you just have 75 range, I'd advise sticking to rune cbow + monk underside. I suggest 85 range for RuneScape gold my installation (so that MSB hits often and comes much nearer to it's possible DPS), found here: Lemon missed the new tt release, and so the equipment offered is somewhat outdated. Arma mitre + unholy emblem is far better than zammy mitre + arma pendant in every conceivable manner, as well as costing less.

    So I want a dscimmy but havent done fighter insanity or the quests necessary to begin it... So I can perform tree gnome village and the grand tree but don't know if I will be able to win against the bosses? So would you please tell me if I can or what exactly the recommened levels are mainly what method or plan I should use for all three quests! My equipment (but dont want to risk it if I am likely to die, like I lost dboots, karils coif and 50+ charms , but marketed dhatchet to get my boots back)

    Hey I shot around a two year break from runescape and today I have chosen to return. My question is what has changed in those 2 decades. Has there been some huge updates or any new armor or weapons or anything. I would also appreciate any advice you would have to give me ive been out of the game for some time. Herblore and prayer needed massive updates. . .herblore with intense potions, special attack restore potions, super antifire (no shield required ) and buy osrs gold safe an overload which unites all the intense boosts.