I'll preface this

  • EA just does not give a fuck since no one can compete. Searched around for a repair, seemingly it had existed for months with no fix and EA just didn't give a fuck because why do they? It is not like you are going to mut coins madden 21 go buy another soccer game . Yeah I havent purchased a sports match since 2013. They're the exact same. Shooters are getting like that also. Where my deceased by daylight lovers at!? I have not played Madden since 2005. And with everything you mentioned (which I agree with), what is the best madden to get? Like when did they summit? Same question for a football game. Preferably for Xbox 360.

    Same could happen if it had been Epic or Activision. If CDPR, Valve or any other beloved company did exactly the same, comments would be wholly different. Edit: Sony did the same and the overall reception on those comments are mostly positive. Stay refreshing, Reddit. I really don't think so. If their main customer base is African American is doesn't make sense to market to them at the moment. As they will not be spending at this time, as games isn't on there minds at this time. Not about respect imo. More or less they're not going into the stores immediately to make purchases. Now using marketing they could utilize this as a show of solidarity with that marketplace. Maybe this really is the cynical part of me. A nice gesture, but aren't these the same people who censored Colin Kaepernick's name from a song in a few of the past Madden games?

    I'll preface this by stating that I do not think that it's a bad thing for them to bring awareness to the situation. It's significant that it can't only be ignored by looking away from it. That said, I really do hold a certain amount of doubt towards multi-billion buck multinational corporations paying lip service to significant social problems. They are in the best possible place to do more than simply put out a press release or public statement. Of course, as a philosophical business they're under no obligation to buy Madden nfl 21 coins do so, and yet it rings hollow when they attempt to stand in solidarity with the ordinary men and women. Now there are businesses out there that are doing things and this is the opportunity to emphasize those attempts; to show that they're more than simply words.