I have full rune

  • You could use fire strike or firebolt on monsters to RuneScape gold get there. I have no clue just how much that could cost or make, as a result of monster drops being arbitrary and all. You might also use curse to level up. To get 99 that will cost you a total of 17.9. You'd want to buy 449k bodies and 898k waters (dont use earths, as you need 3 rather than the two seas, so it will be cheaper that way). Make sure you wear a lot of heavy metal armour, and any thing else that gives a NEGATIVE (-) magic bonus. ) You dont want your curses to effect the critters, so you can throw it again and again on him. You still get the exact same exp for falling out.

    Ever since the cost increae of pure essance in the grand exchange (and when I became a part in precisely the exact same time), I have found it easy to earn 300k+ daily in only 3-4 hours (pure ess is at 115ea+!!) But in my level, there arent many things I know of that cosrt heaps, I have full rune and full mystic (red/black style) obsidian cape!

    Any way here are my stats: attack: 50, strength: 53, defence: 46 (operating it to 50), range: 35, prayer: 26, mage: 46, combat: 60. I think thats all... is there some decent armour/robes I havent got members? As im just new to members of last month and buy OSRS gold I dont understand much about members stuff. PS: I've got a broken arm and'm speaking with one hand, please excuse my spelling.