This is a frequent complaint about the sport

  • Now another thing is, why is it believed that veracs is your only"rewarding" melee technique? I've done barrows with a bgs and a whip+defender. They both work a lot better then when I attempted it with RS gold veracs. I barely got through one trip with all the slow attack speed and reduced strikes.

    This is a Frequent complaint about RuneScape

    Let us look at exactly what a few players had to say..."An alliance could attack another player, destroying their gaming experience and I do not think that's fair." Yes, it is true. New players have seven days after joining to build up their cities, however unless they push themselves and find their way into a powerful alliance, they quickly become prey for stronger and more seasoned players and alliances. "Just like other similar games, it becomes a chore to play and upgrade everything. Progress is slow and there's nothing to actually do with everything you gather."

    This is a frequent complaint about the sport. In order to keep up with your neighbors, you need to check through the day to keep updating your town, army, defense, ect. If you leave it for so long, you waste your town stays their essentially doing nothing, just waiting to be attacked. I will only let my buddy Max explain it better:"The actual gameplay is designed for hardcore gamers since you need to login through the day. You do not need to be on every waking moment, but you have to be on this game some portion of everyday to keep up with anyone else who is competitive. The top scores feel as if they are only reserved for those playing and paying all day ."

    Additionally, I asked many players - Do you think War of Legends will be prosperous? They had diverse responses, but most replies consisted of the same basic idea. War of Legends is nothing special, there are lots of games just like it on the net and already well established. However, does this mean it will be a collapse? "Evony, Civilization, The Sims, along with other games that are similar are powerful so this game should be as well." That's 1 way to look at it! Enough players to cheap RuneScape gold move around!