There was nobody in the coal mine

  • There was nobody in the coal mine. Then from nowhere, a level 65 Revenant freezes me. I suppose I wasn't in low-enough-level Wilderness, however, the coal mine is very-low-level like Fist of RS gold Guthix, why is this high-powered Revenant coming ? It was hitting 8 HP at one time. I tried melee attacking it, however I wasn't conscious (back at that time) that Revenants utilized a freezing spell and step two squares off so that you can not melee them.

    What would you consider the above poster's Runescape

    I turned on prayer and turned to flee. But the prayer was not working! The suspend spell was too powerful. Although I had several swordfish, prayer + seeking to run away was NOT escaping from the Revenant's freeze spell. I began to panic, but finally the prayer broke the freeze spell and I ran off from the revenantout of this Wilderness.

    I read that you have to use mage/range on the Revenants. So I took the very best mage stuff in f2p (Orb Project total ensemble, a magic staff), plenty of runes (Earth Blast), full stock of food, completely charged prayer points. . .and also took a crisis (1 water+3 air+1 law) Falador teleport. I had been ready to adventure to the Dark Warrior's Fortress. I was keeping a careful eye out for buy OSRS gold Revenants, and I was prepared to defend myself with mage+prayer if need be.