I played with a man last weekend

  • I played with a man last weekend; imitation conducted jet sweep every play. Regardless of my scheme I could not stop it. He could take Mut 21 coins up the center every time when I really contained the outside. He'd legit a 1000 + team. I found him on here since he had the same identification, and commented about I'm glad you spent so much upgrading your team only to exploit the match and use one play. He tried calling out me saying I"ran cheese pass and run plays the he could not cease" and I had been like. You mean I mixed up my run and pass expecting what you may think I'm likely to run. Such as an ACTUAL SHEME? He said"you're shit for not having the ability to stop my play". Those are.

    Like what is the pleasure in spending their bank on a group which they utilize 1-2 cards on crime within a matter of just like a variety of plays. I buy fresh cards and tend to play bad cuz I force them the ball or desire na user them on D or something. Like I really don't know what excitement they get from Madden when they operate 1-2 plays and have no strategy or plan. I am by no means the greatest player, As I said. But I am not dreadful. And I love upgrading and playing my group. I don't have any difficulty being overcome by someone greater than me, it's only these people today take the pleasure out.

    Agree completely. Everyone is building construction building but by the time you get something like your closing team the game just isn't fun. I realised in my first year, spend your coins don't save for mut season/zero it. Any coins just sell on the open market while they're worth some thing and buy yourself something nice with the money. I bought myself a nice 4k TV last week with the money. Instead of giving of your money.

    (Not per week.) Nothing wrong with having a punt here and there, following my first year however there's no purpose stacking coins for a later time when you might be enjoying them today. If you have excess, change them. Pays for those times you really feel like having a dabble on the packs. Yea it seems like youre right. Ive been holding on to this heap I got after that purchase and learning to buy mut coins madden 21 perform with the market. Im hoping for a market crash.