Why would not it be?

  • Lol, why would not it be? MC was cleared by us daily 1 in greens. classic wow gold is a easy and dull game. The only"difficult" parts are the monumental time washers needed to grind PVP rank and reputations. I just log in for raids due to the folks in the guild. Retail has a slew of problems, but challenging intriguing and difficulty raid mechanics aren't one of them. I'm having lots of fun using it.

    There is fun to be had, softly leveling new characters is enjoyable, where as it is dreadfully boring on retail for long time WOW players, since there's no"real content" under degree cap on retail (which is one of its biggest cons in my opinion), in which as running dungeons and tackling group quests on WOW Classic can be an experience, they're only zerg AOE fests on retail.

    I truly think if they can combine the leveling experience of WOW Classic with all the end game of Retail, we would have a great version of World of Warcraft. Of course I did select most likely one of the worst courses for early WOW Classic endgame, together with Warlock, at least with the release of Zul'gurub I'll have the ability to craft the Bloodvine set and collect enough Spell Attack% gear to really hit stunt directors (the term"Resist" makes me angry, lol).

    I am only level 40 that would clarify a lot. I have never been able to get in to end game but I am hoping to get there this time. What I mean by that's the feeling of scale and experience was lost, the classes and factions became super homogenized. They had a great deal of zones and cheap classic gold wow cities over the years however, the two factions are at war with each other. It never made sense.