You recorded five reasons

  • No one in their right mind would be mad about spell enabling healers or batching being nerfed floating combat text. What you're asking for is efficiently wow gold classic. I don't say that is a poor thing, but you won't receive it at the current WOW Classic lifecycle. You may get it afterwards, with TBC's launch should they begin new WOW Classic servers. Probably not but if we do not ask, we surely wont. Again, the purpose is to spark discussion about whether or not these changes would be useful. Do you?

    Not really, no one in their right mind think that current WOW Classic raid difficulty is vanilla such as. Even if the numbers are correct. This might be less of an issue with AQ and Naxx because we had practically the same gear and talents that we do in WOW Classic but Molten Core and BWL suffered incredibly hard from utilizing the original numbers with 1.12 abilities and itemization. I didn't say I disagreed with statement (raids being simple, or consumables being pricey ). I explained your solutions contradict each other (create the raids more difficult, but consumables cheaper).

    I do concur that content is easy and must be buffed. At this point I'm only raid logging till TBC comes out. The matter isI had high hopes for WOW Classic and has been kind of disappointed, and I feel the identical thing could occur with TBC unless they liven up and manage WOW Classic. How should they handle it? That remains to be seen. As I didn't understand how bad WOW Classic was going to function as before, I don't have the foresight. That's left to folks that were smarter.

    You recorded five reasons why"spell batching is destroying PVP", however you reveal very little comprehension of how it functions. We can proceed through every one of your illustrations point. Though this is caused by spell batching, you have to understand that even contemporary WoW has spell batching. In WOW Classic we have a charm batching window of 400 ms, as it had been in Vanilla. As long as any kind of spell batching is present (which it pretty much needs to) moves like this are possible.

    WoW has a charm queue window to your keypresses, meaning you could get your earth shock to throw in the specific time as the lightning bolt throw finishes, so even when the charm batching window was 1 ms you would have the ability to get lighting bolt and earth shock through in precisely the same batch, with both benefiting from Elemental Mastery. Same as above. This has been a core component of buy classic gold wow mage gameplay for years of ancient WoW, it's odd that pvp's being ruined by it.