It's a simple trade

  • If there's 1 thing I would agree with the OP is that Blizzard is about the workings of wow classic gold their company. On the other hand, we only have such-and-such word's for it. And there are lots of  valid reasons for not displaying prohibit algorithms or demonstrating the culprit's identity; because it's, the playerbase is a mob.

    The bots were coded overly car accept the difference can't be told by the robots and pvp queues, the notification for which spawns at the same spot a party invite does. The summon out of a warlock portal also looks in this spot, which is WOW gamers are able to muster them. With that, the robots for pvp are also typically coded also car attack any enemies which hit themnearby party members to maximize the honor gain in battlegrounds. By exploiting this behaviour, WOW players are able to get robots to spend hours murdering civilian NPC's to destroy their honor. The expense of this is one participant also loses the same quantity of honour, but for WOW players never invested in PvP, it's a simple trade.

    This can be explained by me. Basically, when you lineup for a battleground, there's a popup at the middle of the display with an"enter battleground" and then"depart queue" option. The bot technology appears to be pretty simplistic so they're programmed to click the area of the screen where the battleground button is. But inviting a person to a group will give you exactly the exact same popup, together with"accept" and"decrease". It apparently can't tell the difference. I agree it's a massive security flaw but so bots got screwed this way, therefore silver lining I suppose?

    Perhaps to group up with different robots, or leech off quest growth and mob tags from people that (they presume ) do not know any better? Though, yeah, I'm slightly suspicious it also seemingly auto-accepted the rally (you are supposed to find a confirmation prompt), and somehow the person who had been running the bot also never understood their ranking was getting tanked. AFAIK, the civilians from the Deeprun Tram don't have an abnormally short respawn, so it probably would have taken hours to rack up that many dishonorable kills.

    On the 1 hand, having played Vanilla until it became WOW Classic, I have to laugh at the bot scourge. Bots were a scourge back too, but my nostalgia needs I claim it was because Blizzard was still underfunded, as it'd just been a year or 2 because the launching of WoW and their most profitable years were still ahead of them. I have fond memories of the neighborhood bot threads on pvp servers, even where ally and horde would go to report people they saw botting in order to put hits out on these people the other faction would take. Truly, the very first cross-faction collaboration to ever happen on pvp servers was the communal effort to fuck over bots. So, indeed, it is the WOW Classic experience to need to deal with botting.

    However, on the other hand, it stinks that they refuse to answer this properly now they have the tools, expertise, and cash to finance the measures to block the bots. Also, with bots having shown they were so profitable on live, it's obvious that botting in WOW Classic would likewise be an issue. So buy classic wow gold is disgraceful that they'd even consider letting it get so bad.