This 100% and I disagree

  • In Madden you are stuck with contracts that are broken and CPU, in 2k you can help handle that, hell in Madden the cap doesn't even grow in the year to Madden nfl 21 coins year, have RFAs, tenders, exceptions. The gap between the two can only be appreciated if you have actually tried to play with the awful Madden franchise.

    What's crap with development being based on a participant's potential? Stat based development is so backwards and the XP system Madden uses is the worst progression system I have ever seen while playing soccer games because the 90s. Players play. Madden literally does it as opposite as you can. I disagree.

    In 2k even if you average 40 ppg using a 57ovr with 66 potential he will always only hit 66 overall (if you don't send him via untapped potential of course). I get the ratings are fairly overrated, especially overall ratings, but it is a little unrealistic seeing the guy averaging 40ppg in the bottom tier of players for his entire career imo. Production should be the main factor in development seeing as that is literally the purpose of developing a player.

    This 100% and I disagree. Did Lamar Jackson get better since he did because he made better he place up stats or put up stats? The system Madden uses is indeed linear and static. There is nothing lively about it and it is backwards. I don't play with franchise mode so I can take a 65 complete RB and get 3k racing yards with him and watch him develop to a 99ovr. If I'm making with a 65 ovr back I need to check my settings or I'm cheesing the game.

    The point of franchise mode is building your teams. If everyone progresses the same like they do in this stationary systemis that fun or interesting? We have mods on PC that fully revamp the development system and get rid of this XP garbage. Together with the mods on PC I will actually get a progression system which is more realistic and 1000x more interesting than what EA offers. I am aware that Haskins had Superstar dev, and also their potentials are represented by the dev traits, but nothing is set in stone. I'm left sitting there wondering when Haskins will ever develop or if I will need to buy mut coins madden 21 find a new QB in a few drafts if he stays a 79 complete after 4 or five decades.