Incendius at first seemed like the server

  • Stalagg was a server at the beginning. It was about 55/45 Horde favored. It did have extensive queue times nevertheless that continued to wow classic gold plague it. Faction equilibrium remained intact because it seemed either side dropped an equal number of WOW players. This went on for a few weeks and it became evident that the Alliance were losing WOW players compared to Horde which resulted in Heartseeker being Alliance dominant. In the long run it was about 33/66 Horde favored.

    The transfers were only getting started, although now 33/66 is not something that's impossible to conquer. Just before the launching of World Bosses along with the Honor system another wave of transports occurred on November 8th (Supply ). From the time the weekend finished the bottom had given out on a lot of the Alliance population. With fear of being camped worse than they were Alliance and much more casual people's being leveled by a significant part of it. On November 11th they left free transfers faction specific to Horde (Supply ). It had been far too late. We had been requested to make a choice.

    The sense of failure because a GM that did not make the decision that is correct at the correct time is immeasurable. By leaving them onto a server which was impossible to play 16,, I neglected my guildies. We understood we had to maneuver not automatically because of the camping but because the host economy was non existent and there were no fresh WOW players to recruit.

    We made a decision to weigh our options and landed on Incendius. It looked just like the promised land. It had a inhabitants, and roughly a 40/60 Alliance to Horde ratio. After the initial reset of the new year I asked all my guildmates to devote their money and make the move to Incendius. Including alts and personalities we estimated it was no less than $2500 USD. That's not including a number of our friends in other nations that have to pay more.

    Incendius at first seemed like the server. The server became one of the servers from now BWL. It had inherited the majority of those Stalagg and Skeram Alliance guilds that were looking for someplace that had a thriving player base and host economy. The faction equilibrium shifted now to be favored. Horde PvP guilds out of Stalagg and Skeram that desired to test their mettle against the Alliance began transferring over and complete chaos ensued. We had several of the best world PvP engagements I have ever seen in nearly 16 years of cheap classic wow gold enjoying WOW Classic. It was complete pandemonium at world bosses and Blackrock Mountain. Nothing was more heroic than the past three weeks before free transfers started up.