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  • In comes 3 leading 50 ally guilds and a bunch more basically destroy the power balance farther. Then lowercase, really makes you think, and who come together and yang gang decides to wow gold classic start pvping and it seems like the guilds are balanced. Then it just crazy laggy, queues, bwl whatnot and wiping. But incendius was only a gamer dad server where the horde guilds were so far up their own ass people think the horde. Horde guilds were like their faction tbh.

    This is one of the biggest misconceptions of Yang Gang imo. The fact is none of them were prepared to contributing enough, although we tried to work to fasten world bosses. We were always the one we were the ones coordinating pvp. The truth is that guilds needed while they obtained the kill that they did not even work for us to hold the alliance off, therefore we got frustrated reason we were battling literally the strongest alliance coalition of guilds on the NA servers by ourselves. Presented with a actual guild wanting and willing to coordinate and operate with us only when who trasnfered over were, and the outcomes of that were that horde were securing world boss kills once again.

    I really don't see where everybody is receiving the label from. Yang gang were the ones who have alts parked in azshara watching and summoning. They put in the work and people were mad that yang wouldn't share kills although everybody else was showing up late after yang declared every spawn.From an original incendian alliance perspective (and I'm speaking before any of the scum transfers) the greatest irony in the horde guilds labeling Yang Gang poisonous is the fact that Yang Gang announcing the predominate in world discussion (in addition to the geographical region to Orgrimmar) was not the sole reason horde ever got an azuregos kill. Kazzak and the fact horde never got even a kill on him is proof the guilds were utter garbage riding Yang Gangs jacket tails and everybody in the alliance coalition understood it.The issue with WoW threads is that it's hard to maintain an open, unbiased mind. Full disclosure: I am playing the WoW, been doing so for years. I really don't have any difficulties with BfA. It is not WoD, although it's no Legion. So essentially, it is a headbutt competition between"Blizzard can do no wrong" and"Blizzard did everything wrong", possibly attracting their own preconceptions. We've got an example right here:"Blizzard laid off 800 workers". The article said,"800 workers across multiple sub-companies within A-B and branches between those businesses were laid off". Whether this is really a"bad" thing depends on how you look at it, although I doubt that"they completely gutted WoW's service team.

    If there's one thing I'd concur with the OP is that Blizzard is unusually tight-lipped regarding the company's inner workings. On the flip side, we also have such-and-such word's for this. And there are plenty of reasons for not disclosing ban algorithms or disclosing the identity of the offender; as it's, the playerbase is a mob.

    The bots were coded car accept the difference can't be told by the bots and pvp queues, the notification for which spawns at the exact same spot a party invite does. The summon out of a warlock portal also appears in this same spot, which is WOW gamers are able to summon them. With that, the robots for pvp will also be typically coded too auto attack any enemies which strike themnearby party members to cheap wow classic gold maximize the honor benefit in battlegrounds. By exploiting this behaviour, WOW players are able to have robots to spend hours murdering civilian NPC's to destroy their honour. The cost of this is at least one real player also loses the identical amount of honour, but for WOW players not spent in PvP, it's an easy trade.