It was time

  • The feeling of failure because a GM that did not make the correct decision at the correct time is immeasurable. By leaving them onto a host that was impossible to classic wow gold perform 16,, I failed my guildies. We understood that we had to move not automatically because of the camping but since the host economy was non existent and there were not any new WOW players to amuse.

    We landed on Incendius and made a decision to weigh our options. It looked like the land that was promised. It had a moderate to high inhabitants, and roughly a 40/60 Alliance to Horde ratio. After the first reset of this new year I asked all my guildmates to spend their money and make the transfer to Incendius. That's not in different nations that need to pay more.

    Incendius at first seemed like the ideal server. The host became one of the most popular servers by now BWL. It had inherited most of the Stalagg and Skeram Alliance guilds which were looking for somewhere that had a thriving player base and host market. The faction equilibrium shifted now to be approximately 55/45 Alliance favorite. Horde PvP guilds out of Stalagg and Skeram that wanted to test their mettle from the Alliance started transferring over and complete chaos ensued. We had a number of the best world PvP engagements I've ever seen in almost 16 years of playing WOW Classic. It was pandemonium in the Blackrock Mountain and world supervisors. Nothing was more heroic than the past 3 weeks prior to free transfers opened up.

    Heavy queue times started plaguing our host after the influx of Horde and Alliance guilds moving from several other servers that are dead. Our queue times still were not quite as poor as other servers like Faerlina or Whitemane. War was declared. Purging buffs in felwood, camping Darkmoon Faire, not allowing priests head control to reset the Onyxia head buffs, priests resurrecting and purging fans at Inns that folks simply hearthed to etc..

    All became the new ordinary. That was a grand ole time. For others it was a nightmare. No server had World PvP scene or a World Boss.. It had been Warcraft on a different level. After dominating World Bosses and Blackrock Mountain for about two weeks the Horde were searching unstoppable. The Alliance however rallied together in a bid to stop them, and totally defeated them at the week leading up to buy wow gold classic transfers that are free. Morale for the Horde was at a low.