I at least have a name for this

  • Can you believe WOW Classic contrasts toclassic gold wow

    So recently whenever I've seen a discussion come up debating between FFXIV and WoW, most of the people who call for FFXIV claim that it blows WoW out of their water, but also appear to only be talking about Retail, or comparing the graphics and also berating the blocky 2004 images of WOW Classic. However from my time FFXIV it rubbed me off like only Retail WoW but with housing graphics, and just more efficient. The Jobs did not appear to have any"Class Fantasy" or Flavor such as WOW Classic does. Black Mages do not have the capability to open portals to other towns, they can not conjure water and food, folks do not seem to work together or communicate and just hurry through FATEs and dungeons.

    The narrative is permeating and large, '' I didn't want to miss anything and it kept me from keeping up. WOW Classic however, felt like a story of your own making, and the course of your character feels as though it has so much to do with the world at large rather than simply in combat or in raids. The course quests are hard and intriguing and full of flavor. In the end I feel as WOW Classic puts a really good fight against contemporary MMOs because of it's stats, true RPG like gameplay, and Flavor that's all over WOW Classicplay, however I am not sure. I see a whole lot of people in every comments section stating FFXIV is better.

    It's hard to beat the WORLD in WoW, whether it be WOW Classic or any of the expansions. What killed it for me in final dream was the atmosphere in the world. The loading screen in between zones, with entrances and exit portals kills the world feeling that is open that an MMORPG should have. The walls kills it for me too, and the lack of leaping. Feels static. I loved the Final Fantasy games I really like the courses and bestiary and I truly wanted to like FF14, but it seems like such a limited and game in comparison to WoW.

    I at least have a name for this. FF neglects the"empty level" test, in my opinion. And by that I mean that when I loaded into an empty ass blank white stage with my WoW character, chances are I can still amuse myself for a fantastic amount of cheap classic wow gold time only with the motion mechanics and any ability I might have the ability to crap around me (also the leap spamming of course). If I loaded my FF personality into a white stage, I would be hoping to run into invisible walls, be unable to jump, and they would find a way. It's why I do not play The Section.