Them turn for rewards

  • There is still a lot on the display that I just don't know what it is. I happened across the Treasure Hunter screen and I believe by cashing in the keys, I am doing this right. Dunno exactly what oddments are as a currency so by ignoring it for now, I'm not screwing myself in that respect. I ended up trading in Charity Coins (?) After obtaining a bunch whilst grinding for OSRS gold jobs but I don't really know what that's about. I understand the Grand Exchange and managed to sell but I really don't understand its mechanics. Are actual individuals buying my oakshortbows or is that an artificial industry? I'm lost on that.

    I've got stats I've never touched like thieving. I did you quest involving a rancid pie which gave me a XP for this but what I have tried to steal from requires a higher degree and I just have not looked into googling the way to start that process. That's only one example. I am presuming runecrafting and dungeoneering qnd inventions and also these other stats I haven't struck will develop in time but it worries me out that I just don't know if I am making very good progress without seeing these items. I know eventually after performing quests and pushing myself into jobs that require me to google the way to reach a specific level in a stat for the requirements that it'll all eventually sink.

    I just don't know whether I'm doing it efficiently. I'm just kind of blindly picking on quest paths and leveling up the best I can. I would have LOVED a comprehensive, what it means and contained crash course on everything and in which I could change things. It's very overwhelming but I'm enjoying my time so much --just sucks that most of my gameplay is studying through wikis and viewing youtube videos trying to determine what the hell Im supposed to be doing.

    I will reply to each point separately:You are playing RS3. The keys from the treasure hunter display may be used to get random prizes, even if you do not like the decoration, you can flip it into oddments. Oddments are a currency used in the oddment store, which sells a variety of xp products, cosmetic items, and a couple of neat trinkets, without becoming too complex. The charity are a unique event. Jagex will host these every once in a while, you accrue fight or the skill. (they will not necessarily be known as charity tokens, they could be called a distinct type of token in relation to what the event is, but functionally they all work exactly the same). Them turn for rewards.

    Yes, real players are currently buying your bamboo shortbows. The artificial markets are the stores scattered around the world. The Grand Exchange is player. Clicking on any ability in your abilities tab will start the manual for this, out there you can see what level requirements you need to do particular things (for instance, you can pickpocket people, and steal out of bread stalls, at par 1 Fragrant.) From that point, with the assistance of buy OSRS gold even the rs wiki or google, it is possible to find out where thieving activities for your level are found. Best I can suggest is using the wiki for skills you don't understand yet, since RuneScape doesn't clearly explain them for you.