Madden 21: Roster update forecast for week 3

  • This is another fanatical Sunday in the NFL, and these players may change their ratings in the update. Another NFL Sunday is coming soon, which means that Madden 21 will have more ratings adjustments! Fortunately, the number of injuries this week is less than that of the second week. In addition, there are many great performances. In the next roster update, who will be the biggest winners and losers? Now players can buy MUT 21 Coins to get more powerful players.

    Go up: Josh Allen (Josh Allen)
    Bills QB is currently igniting the world. Josh Allen may be the first interception this season, but he also threw for 311 yards, completed 24 of 33 passes, and scored a total of 5 TDs (4 passes, 1 Rush the ball). He is currently the only QB with more than 1,000 yards and more than 10 TDs, and has received a well-deserved MVP sensation. Maybe in the end EA's ratings adjusters will take him seriously.

    Failure: All defenses in Atlanta
    For the Atlanta Falcons, this is another miserable day. This time, they let their 16-point fourth-quarter lead evaporate to Chicago's reserve QB Nick Foles. It is expected that the awareness, coverage skills and coping ability of most DBs will decline this week.

    Going up: Justin Jefferson
    Trying to figure out which version of the Minnesota offense turns one game into another is impossible. In week 3, the outstanding Vikings emerged and rookie WR Justin Jefferson (Justin Jefferson) was out. He captured 7 out of 9 targets for a total weight of 175 yards and a touchdown. His 74 OVR is expected to achieve good results this week.

    Down: Carson Wentz
    It is unfair to blame QB Carson Wentz for the Hawks' troubles. The offensive line is dangerous due to injury, and is in danger of being injured by its QB. However, Wentz began to realize that the appearance of the headlight deer could damage the quarterback.

    Rise: Rex Burkhead
    The New England Patriots began to slowly attack the Raiders. They struggled with the offensive rhythm, but in the end they still owe it to Rex Burkhead. The seasoned RB has 6 carries and 7 catches for 98 straight yards and 3 touchdowns. After the dazzling display, please expect his change of direction and accordion movement to be promoted. After some crazy diving, his resilience should also be improved.

    Down: Sam Darnold
    Like Wentz, the Jets' poor performance is not all Danold. However, you can't throw two out of six in the game, nor can you expect to stand out without lowering OVR. Darnold already has 72 OVRs, which can easily drop to 70 after the update this week.

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