CCA wire has strong film adhesion

  • Enameled CCA wire is a new type of magnet wire with CCA magnetic core, it has good copper conductivity and light weight of aluminum. This can greatly reduce the cost of the winding wire, and the CCA wire with a copper layer is not easy to oxidize and is not easy to weld.

    Enameled copper and aluminum covered wire use:

    1. High frequency transformer, ordinary transformer
    2. Inductor, electromagnetic coil
    3. Motors with higher environmental requirements: including household motors, various miniature motors and compressors
    4. Special purpose audio coil and driver

    5.Magnet wire for the display deflection coil

    1. Magnet wire for the degaussing coil

    Xiandeng Hi-Tech Electric Co., Ltd. has more than 100 high-speed wire drawing machines, vacuum tube annealing furnaces, and enamel machines. We also provide solderability tester, automatic rebound angle tester and dielectric loss tester to ensure the quality of every step. The output of the CCA wire and aluminium Magnet wire is 500Tons per month.