When you meet new guitar students,

  • They are just looking for the "cheapest" teacher and they will take you seriously. You will quickly find that these types of students have not practiced or put in a lot of effort, because they feel that they have not gained more value from the return (based on how much they spent). The more money students spend on courses, the more seriously they will take it. All these problems will add up, make you overwhelmed, and make you unable to make money teaching the cheap guitars anymore.

    So, how do you solve this problem? How much should I charge for guitar lessons? Always make sure that you are charging the "minimum" fee for the average local price (even if you are just starting to use it). Next, try to make your acoustic guitar lessons as valuable as possible so that your students can quickly become excellent guitar players. Once this is done, you can use leverage to increase interest rates and have reasonable reasons to do so.