Importance Of Network Monitoring

  • Network monitoring is the monitoring of network components such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers and so on.

     The network monitoring tool is an application that gathers useful information about different parts of the network. This helps manage and control the network. Network monitoring focuses on performance monitoring, error monitoring and account monitoring.

     It is used to examine components such as applications, mail servers, and so on. To examine the network or its internal components, it sends a signal or ping to various ports of the system. Network monitoring should be proactive so that the problem can be identified early. It is able to avoid downtime or errors.

     The first stage of the figure can be called “demand monitoring”. Faulty network components can affect network performance. To avoid this, continuous network monitoring is required. Therefore, monitoring such devices and energy meters is the first step in this process.

     The second step is to determine the monitoring interval. The monitoring interval depends on the network components. For example, components such as desktops and printers do not need to be constantly monitored, and components such as servers and routers need to be monitored frequently.

     The network management protocol shall be secure and shall not consume a bandwidth. The network management protocol should minimize the impact on network performance. Linux servers and network devices use SNMP and Simple Network Management Protocol (CLI). Windows devices use the WMI protocol.

     The SNMP agent is activated and configured for communication with the network management system (NMS). SNMP read and write access allows full access to the device.

     Real-time network monitoring should be able to proactively identify performance bottlenecks. The portal plays an important role in this. Limit values ​​vary depending on the device and commercial use. Therefore, you must configure a proactive network monitoring portal.


    Importance Of Network Monitoring

    Network monitoring is important to save security, troubleshooting, and time and money. This helps keep your information safe by monitoring the network of problems. Network monitoring tools can solve problems.

    This saves time and money that may be needed to investigate problems. This technology gives you visibility and can plan changes accordingly.


    List Of Top Network Monitoring Tools

    Enlisted below are the best Network Monitoring Tools that are available in the market.

    1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
    2. NinjaRMM
    3. PRTG Network Monitor
    4. Nagios
    5. Zabbix
    6. LogicMonitor
    7. Icinga
    8. Spiceworks
    9. Datadog
    10. WhatsUp Gold


    In this article, we checked and compared the best online monitoring tools. PRTG Network Monitor was developed for your entire infrastructure and has distributed monitoring functions.