Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill is omitted from Madden rati

  • With scores of 90 for speed, 86 for acceleration, 79 for strength, 80 for agility, and the number 96 for awareness it's no wonder that Andrews has become Mut 22 coins Lamar Jackson's favorite target these past few seasons.

    Along with Rams pass rusher Aaron Donald and Packers pass catcher Devante Adams, Kelce made his return to the 99 club, which is the only exclusive club in the league after his amazing season (1,416 yards and 11 touchdowns) helped Kansas City get back to the Super Bowl.

    Kittle is probably the second best TE Kittle, and Waller, who played in two horrendous games for the Raiders, round out the top three. Super Bowl champ Rob Gronkowski is a notable seventh-ranked tight end, with an 86. Dallas Goedert's score 84 ranks him in the top 10.

    Tyreek Hill is a good rating in Madden 22, but the Kansas City Chiefs star could be rated even higher.

    There aren't many wide receivers in the NFL that are as good as Tyreek Hill has been for the Kansas City Chiefs. This electric wide receiver often performs in games that astonish fans as well as stun opposing defensive backs.

    Although he's not a particularly tall goalie or physically impressive, at 5-10 and around 185 pounds, there's not denying that Hill can score on just about any buy Madden 22 coins play given how fast and athletic he is particularly when he's able to get out into the open field.