Vanilla people had no idea about anything

  • Vanilla people had no idea about anything, especially at first. Are you certain that the majority of people who lived in vanilla were just going according to WOW TBC Classic Gold their racial preferences? This is totally absurd.

    The players who were in the forefront of PvE raid teams or PvPers and were looking to gain any advantage they could would achieve this, however that was just about 0.1 percent of the player base.

    It didn't matter to everyone other than you. It could have been more if you actually were part of this tiny group.

    Consider this What WoW vanilla character would you pick? The ugly orc or the gorgeous nightelf? If you remember the place where Bloodelves were put to balance the whole The answer is clear.

    In 2005, the majority of servers were split 60/40 Alliance. What's the reason? I think the reason was because the player base at the time was less shrewd and casual (aka was more interested in the fantasy of characters than analyzing meta-games for pvp). The players favored alliance due to it being more relatable, and they desired heroes like the ones in Lord of the Rings. It was much easier to buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold be an unnatural "bad guy" or zombie than to desire to be that. The Will of the Forsaken game was huge and horde was focused on pvp. It wasn't an issue. While it was widely known that horde was more powerful in PVP racials but it wasn't that important.