WoW also has the submerged cost fallacy attached to it

  • Wow has had 20 years of development effort and WOW TBC Classic Gold experience thrown at it. Apart from shitty decisions and systems... It functions, the game functions and has a complete world constructed already. That is a lot more than we could say about a great deal of mmos already. For the most part there are no game breaking issues that prevent a massive portion of the player base from enjoying .

    WoW also has the submerged cost fallacy attached to it. Everyone put in 20k hours into the game feels tied to it and it has to get better. . Right? Those 20k hours weren't for nothing. . Right?

    I feel like the cost of building the mmo genre will be almost impossible to get into without previous foundation.

    There is a couple of ones on the horizon using a theoretical unlimited budget like new world and ashes of invention but these mmos would have to be polished to perfection and revolutionary to get folks to stay on them along with my hopes for them are not quite significant.

    I used to chat with Hazzikostas frequently in Vanilla. We played on exactly the same server. He was one of the most intelligent and friendly gamers I have ever met. Even back then he and his guild were renowned for the theorycraft they brought to cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold the match. I can't fathom he is genuinely incompetent. There's just no solution. He came into the gaming industry via guild management just like Pardo and Kaplan.