Old School Runescape proceeds to break records

  • The prep is not difficult, it only had some RNG to drive you into OSRS gold deciding between inconsistent secure prep or much more consistent prep that makes the last fight marginally harder. Either way if you die it is usually not due to prep mistakes but rather to pathing incorrect and becoming piled out from the floor/tornados. Chambers is hard. There are a whole lot of rooms to find out, but most of them amount to"equip the right gear, attack the item." The single"hard' part is olm, but he had quite predictable attack patterns which aren't automatically difficult to navigate, there's only a great deal of information you need to know and keep in mind. Solo chambers is way harder than gauntlet, but it's team content and in a group it's unbelievably simple.

    I believe it is hard to imagine following the emergency is over people will ever top these amounts. You would be right osrs is a very niche game with a high time need to actually get where many people want when most people just want to sit down and perform a few round of CoD everyday.Honestly however, RuneScape is great if you enjoy setting and accomplishing goals. You're able to see progress with every quest, exp, and kill. I'd disagree with all the time requirement. Not everyone wants to max stats. I was playing last year on a level 3 skiller and am proud of my 86wc. RuneScape is attractive to casuals.

    I thought OSRS was dying though? Dying to be booted up by thousands and thousands of nerds amirite. Having started playing with school because of lockdown I am astonished at how good RuneScape is. Thus much content. I didn't know it was so good. Now that I've got 100 battle, quest Cape, all hard diaries (lockdown has been successful ), I don't see myself stopping when I can begin leaving the house again tbh. I wonder how many men and women are in the same boat. Need to finish up full elite void and 70 RC for many 70 stats, and then I will be glad.

    I am not as far along as you personally but I sense same, just got membership for first time and don't plan to stop.Wow we are almost at the exact same spot in our progression. I've been Old School RuneScape Gold loving it but today I'm considering what there's to do next and it feels like what points to"move grind some thing indefinitely to make enough bank and purchase endgame equipment. Get 99s on how". I've slowed down cause it is a tiny overwhelming.I believe I enjoy slayer too much honestly, feels like the principal part of RuneScape for me personally.