Do You Know How to Reduce Labor Costs On Automatic Assembly Lin

    1. Cost Reduction by Design
      Product development drives around 80 percent of the product's cost. Of that cost, the concept and program architecture drive about 60 percent. Therefore, manufacturers can save a significant amount of money on parts, materials, quality and labor by considering cost reduction ON THE Automatic Assembly Line during the design phase of the product.

    Several of the most important considerations include:

    Design for Manufacturability. This involves considering manufacturing issues - such as raw material selection, secondary processes, dimensional requirements, and even the final packaging - at the concept stage to reduce material, overhead, and labor costs.
    Design for Lean. Lean design is ideal for companies that have high product values tied to labor costs. Manufacturers can consider factors such as design simplification, design for assembly, and standardizing processes to reduce direct labor costs.
    Design for Quality. This assures high quality and reliability within the products to eliminate rework, which increases labor costs per unit.
    2. Eliminate Overscheduling
    Overscheduling is a considerable source of labor costs in any operation. When management has access to imperfect information about the production demands, their scheduling is just a "best guess." However, using predictive scheduling software based on sophisticated algorithms, you can optimize your employee scheduling efforts.

    With this software, managers are able to look ahead at the incoming production demand and make the scheduling decisions from that data. This ensures the business is adequately staffed to meet the demand and eliminates excessive/unnecessary labor hours.

    1. Lean Production
      Lean production eliminates non-value added processes within manufacturing. When implemented efficiently, lean production doubles the labor productivity, reduces inventory and cuts production throughput times significantly. Essentially, with a more efficient production process, employees are able to produce more units—thus lowering your labor cost per unit.

    In addition to eliminating non-value added processes, lean production also helps eliminate bottlenecks within the typical production line. Bottlenecks will reduce output and cause the productivity of some line workers to decrease significantly.

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