Saddle Clamp Inspection Standard


    Are the clamps made from materials that are prone to rust?
    Is the clamp’s surface designed for maximum grip of the tubing or is there possibility of slippage under significant axial load?
    Are the clamps substantial enough to prevent elements from rotating during high winds?
    How much of the saddle area comes in contact with the surface to which it is attached?
    Are U-Bolts or V-Bolts long enough to attach tubing or components to thick mounting plates?
    Are compatible bolt and nut sets readily available?
    Are they made in sizes that fit most Ham Radio applications, such as mounting antennas or other apparatus?
    Some Hams have made the mistake of using less-robust muffler-type clamps that come with the antenna or guillotine-style clamps that are fine for some uses but aren’t ideal when a stronger hold is needed. Often, tightening these clamps for a firmer grip only serves to damage the tubing. Then there are countless stories of plain steel clamps rusting long before their time.

    Unsatisfied with these options, many saddle clamp manufacturer turn to DX Engineering’s family of tested and proven saddle clamps, including U-Bolt, V-Bolt, Heavy-Duty and Super Duty varieties.