How to Farming ArcheAge Unchained Gold


    MMORPGs require time and gold. Time to farm the gold which you can use to get something else that probably helps you gather more gold. Collecting the gold you need for the other ArcheAge Unchained items you might want such as mounts, cool cosmetics and weapons is something that will take quite some time to do. Not everyone has the time to spend grinding up gold just so they can get to the “good bits” of a MMO game. This means you can sell Archeage Unchained Gold on platforms like Igvault to others who lack the time to farm it themselves to be rewarded for all of your efforts.

    ArcheAge Unchained gold takes quite a while to grind as the Labour system limits players but, for those who have the extra time this can be a good way to earn some extra real life cash. By putting ArcheAge Unchained gold for sale, you can earn a little bit on the side but it does take some time to work out how to maximize your gold production.

    The number 1 rule for how to mark ArcheAge Unchained gold for sale: Do low Labor tasks that sell fast.

    Making Alternate Accounts

    Making alternate accounts is one method that can help you get more gold. You must use them to grind tasks like farming potatoes to sell and use all of the Labor constantly for those accounts. If you own land on those accounts them aim towards making rice bundles instead. What is profitable can change over time however so pay attention to the prices to see what gives you the greatest yield for the lowest Labor spent. Using this system allows you to maximize gold production from all of those accounts.


    Mining has Zero Upfront Cost, Nodes are free to hit and early on Unchained. People need stone and iron to build their houses. Copper ore is going to be in high demand, but here you got an extra thousand labor, you can spend a thousand labor in making some silver or gold.

    Labor-Based Methods

    These methods all require Labor Points, which means that they have an upper limit of how much daily Gold you can actually make with them. Most of the moneymaking methods fall into this category, as making a profit in Archeage Unchained is closely associated with labor-based activities.


    There are two main kinds of fishing in Archeage Unchained: Bait Fishing and Sports Fishing; this part of the guide will focus on the latter as it is the one that is actually extremely profitable. Sports Fishing is divided into the following subtypes:

    Fresh Water Sports Fishing - Requires Sports Fishing Lure (lasts 2 hours), at least a basic Fishing Rod, and Chum. As the name suggests, it involves bodies of fresh water (lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.).

    Salt Water Sports Fishing - Requires Sports Fishing Lure (lasts 2 hours), at least a basic Fishing Rod, Chum Bucket*, and at least a Rowboat, but Clipper is recommended. As the name suggests, it involves bodies of saltwater (oceans and seas).

    Note1: Every fish that you catch and sell costs you 110 Labor in total (without discounts).

    Note2: The right tool for the job - Fishing Rod comes in two lines - Flexible (faster cast frequency, lower Fish Damage - usually better for Bait Fishing) and Sturdy (slower cast frequency, higher Fish Damage - usually better for Sports Fishing). Ultimate Fishing Rod is created by combining the Master level of both of these (it combines advantages of both types).

    To maximize your profits from Fresh Water Sports Fishing, you will want to fish from Fish Schools. These are located in lakes and are quite easily identified by birds circling above them. To make fishing from School possible, use Chum on the School to make it go into the "Fish Feeding Frenzy" status (this step is not needed if the School is already frenzied). The main benefit of Fresh Water Sports Fishing is the fact that fish schools are often located in safe areas (Arcum Iris, Silent Forest, Gwenoid Forest, and Ahnimar, for example). When it comes to profitability - At Maximum Proficiency, you should be able to make about 9 Silver per Labor, which is acceptable, considering the fact that it is almost completely risk-free.

    Salt Water Sports Fishing is riskier than its freshwater counterpart and has a higher up-front cost associated with it, but it is also much more lucrative. It is a good idea to have at least a Novice Fishing Rod (Sturdy is preferable) before setting off on a Salt Water Sports Fishing trip because sea fish are rather healthy which makes them harder to catch. The routine here is the same as in freshwater - you find a fish school, use Chum Bucket* on it, and start fishing (the only problem comes from the vastness of oceans that can make finding a school problematic; look for birds or for people that already found schools - just remember that different people will react to your presence at "their" fish schools differently...). When it comes to profitability - At Maximum Proficiency, you should be able to make about 20 Silver per Labor, which overshadows all other, currently popular, Archeage Unchained Gold farming methods.

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